Success Story: Janes Battle and Recovery

Jane is a small well mannered woman with a caring heart. She enjoys time with her husband Marc and their two sons Chris and Louis. On the outside Jane looked like the typical happy mother, however, on the inside she was a complete mess, struggling each day in her never ending battle with addiction.

Janes problem was that she was addicted to prescription painkillers, and it all started back when she was just sixteen years old. She was in a car accident back then and suffered a severe cervical injury when her neck was smashed into the windshield following a collision with another vehicle.

After the accident the doctors had her on hydrocodone and Demerol. And this was the start of an addiction for Jane that would last until she was 43 years old, by that time with a family and two kids to take care of.

For over two decades Jane was taking twenty 10mg pills of Hydrocodone each day. Her method of getting these pills was hopping from one pain management clinic to the next; telling the doctors what she wanted and having them given to her.¬† Most visits she’d leave the doctors office with 120 pills. Due to her mega-dosing these pills would rarely last long and pretty soon she found herself getting them from illegal drug dealers in order to keep the terrible withdrawl syptoms away. Unlike what most people would think, instead of these pills making her docile and sleepy all day, she would instead be incredibly alert and jittery on them. She would stay up for days at a time and then pass out, sometimes even when driving.

Over the course of the years she has tried to quit many times but always would relapse either from the intense cravings or terrible withdrawl symptoms that she suffered. Jane claims that she was utterly powerless to stop.

“You don’t know how hard it is to quit a serious drug addiction until you are years in and totally dependent. I was a terrible example for my kids back then and am completely ashamed of who I used to be. However, at the time I felt completely powerless to stop”.

Eventually her family intervened. Both her brother Ralph and her husband were terrified that they would either find her dead on the floor one morning, in jail, or even stabbed or shot from the drug dealers that she was frequently buying from. They enrolled her into a program in the Texas area that helps treat victims of drug addiction using purely natural methods and supplements. The objective behind this program was to essentially detox Janes body and flush out all of the drug toxins that were inside of her. Jane was now performing daily exercise, going for runs, and swimming to keep her body healthy and naturally occupied and alert.

Now with Jane being off the pills she was free to fix her damaged family and relationship with her husband. They sent mail to eachother back and forth when she was in rehab and Jane remarked how it had felt like she was dating him all over again–except this time she was sober and actually felt happy for the first time in a long time.

After Jane was finished with her therapy she returned home and rebuilt her relationship with her family and siblings again. Jane now attends church regularly and has not taken a pill in over two years!

The Psychologcial Battle With Erectile Dysfunction

Old or young erectile dysfunction is a major concern for many individuals who are suffering from it. ED primarily occurs in older men where testosterone is declining, or due to an injury, high blood pressure, diabetes or other diseases and conditions. However about 20% of men suffer from psychological erectile dysfunction from either abusive childhoods, trauma, anxiety, depression or other traumatic sexual and non-sexual events that they have previously experienced.

One very common case is in young men who suffer from severe cases of “performance anxiety” which can not only lead to ED, but also cause it to become chronic by bad experiences that keep the cycle of dysfunction going. For men in these conditions its important to be open about your feelings and express how you are feeling with a sexual health counseller.

Sometimes it can be as simple as taking a Viagra to bring back your confidence; showing you there is no real problems down there, and effectively breaking the pathology of the chronic cycle. However, some men do suffer from much bigger issues that if left unaddressed can not only cause the ED to become chronic but also lead to other issues like increased anxiety, depression, and even to the point of becoming suicidal.

Men that feel to embarrassed about discussing this topic with their GP can use online services where they can directly talk to a doctor about the problems they are facing.

Are Erectile Dysfunction Exercises Effective?

Recent scientific research by the University of West England in Bristol says that ED exercises can be an effective means of improving your erections over time. Typically exercises that work the pelvic floor muscles–that women often times using post-pregnancy–are effective. These exercises involve clenching the muscle that are responsible for controlling urination. The study on this actually found that 40% of the participants who engaged in these penis exercises regained normal¬† erections within 3-6 months of starting them. Additionally, there are other exercises that one can use to regain their erection such as using a penis extender. For more information about a popular penis extender you can check out x4 labs review which is goes more in detail on the positive effects of a very popular extender.

Furthermore, there are other less direct ways to help alleviate ED; and that is by being more healthy overall.

The top seven ways to greater health from both the psychological and physical perspectives are:

Weight Loss: Overweight individuals are putting excessive work on their cardiovascular system.
Limit Alcohol: Try to limit alcoholic beverages as much as possible. No more than two drinks each day.
Be More Active: Even twenty minutes of exercise per days can improve blood flow, well-being and reduce levels of stress.
Get More Sleep: Minimum of seven hours a day is essential for optimal health
Stop Smoking: Smoking negatively effects neurological signals and blood flow to the penis.
Eat Better: A better maintained and tailored diet for your body is essential for better health.

Overall erectile dysfunction can be the result of a minor or serious problem. Either way seeking the proper care and possibly counselling can be extremely beneficial in restoring proper erectile health.